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One of the core benefits of ERA Group is our global network of experts, many of whom have developed practical knowledge, experience and insight from extensive careers in relevant industries.

To provide further value, we’ve incorporated this real world knowledge and insight into a range of downloadable white papers, which are available for free and can help you learn more and gain a competitive advantage on a variety of topics.

Since our launch in 1992, we’ve also developed numerous professional relationships with recognized professional bodies and organisations whose insights we’ve also been able to integrate into our white papers.

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Explore our latest industry insights and discover practical knowledge and actions you can take to help improve your business. If you’d like to learn more about any of our downloadable white papers or how we can help your business, contact us today.

UAE Private Education Sector: Facilities Management Research

Facilities Management (cleaning, maintenance, security, pest control, etc.) constitutes the third largest expense for most schools and universities. Whether these services are delivered by internal staff or external service providers, many organizations believe that they are fixed costs that cannot be reduced.

This survey targeted Heads of Educational Institutions or School Groups, as well as Heads of Finance, Operations, Administration, or Facilities working in the UAE Private Education Sector. Representatives of 23 private schools and universities responded from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Download all of the insights today.

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Delivering Sustainable Value in the Gulf Education Sector

Our world changed dramatically with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As this paper was being written, the UAE Ministry of Education tweeted the closure of schools and universities to curb the spread of the virus.

Whether it is the threat of a global pandemic, political unrest, market turbulence, climate change, or disruptive technology we must recognize that our environment will continue to be highly volatile. Despite increasing demand for high-quality education for a growing population, the education sector is not immune to the impact of volatility and uncertainty beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the full white paper today and explore a range of tangible actions you can take within your organization to improve cash flow.

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In a turbulent corporate landscape, we take a look at the potential barriers that CFOs need to overcome to achieve long term success.

Our report highlights the need to ‘Saveto-Steer’ through these challenging times and maximise operational efficiencies – something that is becoming increasingly important for major businesses. We also take a look at how intelligent, long-term strategies must be the way forward when faced with such uncertainty.

Download the full white paper today instantly.

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The Digital Transformation Game

No longer a nice to have, digital transformation is an essential step on the journey towards embracing growing technologies like Blockchain, AI, big data, virtual reality and augmented reality.

As technology evolves at such a rapid rate, companies must equip themselves for the future by delivering digital transformation as a core component of their primary strategy, especially as technology can create and protect value within your business.

Download the full white paper to discover the secrets of digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage.

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Becoming Best in Class

Now more than ever, the need for organisations to develop a culture of cost reduction is paramount.

Our Becoming Best in Class white paper explores methods you can use to achieve savings from your supplier base. This includes a variety of negotiation tactics, so whether you’re dealing with existing providers or kick starting the tender process, you can ensure your business is positioned in the best possible way.

Download the white paper and discover how you can negotiation more effectively and explore how you can take advantage of your improved financial flexibility.

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