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With external pressures reaching all-time highs, there is no better time to stop and take stock of your strategic plans for the future. Look no further than ERA Group to help you navigate the new face of manufacturing; we’ve been assisting manufacturers to achieve the best value supply chain for years, working with some of the industry’s top leaders.

Industry Disruptions

Whilst there are many positives to ascertain, various trends and tests are persistently causing disruptions to the success of manufacturers, demonstrating an urgency to reinvent more agile responses.

Complicated Supply Chains

A modern manufacturing model demands companies utilise more services into their already complicated supply chain to meet the fluid needs of societies and eradicate the damage of fluctuating external threats. Yet, this poses complications for manufacturing companies with weak supplier relationships. Supply chains are under enormous pressure and there is a lot of work to be done to streamline and safeguard the supply chain from present and future threats.

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The sad truth is that the misconceptions and barriers within the sector stop companies from being able to accomplish the tangible improvements they could easily attain. With our help, you can overcome such hurdles to achieve a truly sustainable supply chain that benefits you in the long-term. Download our Manufacturing Solutions white paper which provides you with valuable insights and actions you can deliver into your own business.

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An Introduction to Expense Reduction Manufacturing Solutions

Our leading team of manufacturing industry experts have already helped many of our clients gain a competitive advantage and achieve additional financial flexibility, supporting their long term goals. Expense Reduction Manufacturing solutions can help your organisation, so to find out exactly how simply download the full Manufacturing Industry Solutions white paper.

"Global manufacturing is undergoing a significant shift, It’s more important than ever to understand the value of the possibilities available."

Manufacturing Industry Insights

Technological Disruptions

It’s no coincidence we are starting with technological disruptions when we investigate the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector. Technology has noticeably advanced over the last couple of years, creating ripples in many industries alongside manufacturing. Technology is facilitating innovations within industry practices, better organisational structure and more strategic decision-making through realtime data collection. But many reviews indicate the sector, more than any other, is not ready to adopt technological innovations or prepared for their risks.

Demand Levels

Demand levels will always vary due to influences from external pressures, such as the impacts of geopolitical issues on businesses and consumers. It, therefore, makes it particularly challenging for manufacturing firms to predict the right supply capacity to meet both the current demand levels and corporate goals, even with the assistance of predictive analytics. Standing in the marketplace can be heavily influenced by a manufacturers ability to respond to the shifting demand levels.

Evolving Models & Supply Chains

The viewpoint that manufacturing and services are separate and contrasting entities is now becoming an out-dated idea; “manufacturing-as-a-service” is now changing the face of the value chain and indicating a significant evolutionary step in the manufacturing game. For example, in the United States, half of the staff within manufacturing firms are employed in service job roles only.

Geopolitical & Regulatory Changes

Over the last couple of years, the world has moved into an unnerving state, with friction in international relations. Geopolitical issues are rising in several parts of the world, with debates regarding trading agreement conditions (particularly free-trade ones).

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"The quicker businesses adopt technology and the opportunities it presents, the better placed they will be for the future."

ABB Case Study

"The key to success resides in the professionalism of ERA Group. They are experts, people who know well each of the materials that we have set to work. Therefore it was, actually quite simple. When you rely on an expert for each account, it is fairly easy to reach to objectives that you have set." Rafael Suñé, CPO, ABB Spain ABB products, a global leader in electrical engineering and industrial automation, can be found from stations orbiting in space to generating energy from the bottom of the seas. They are also present in agriculture, irrigation systems for crops, then later in bottling plants or packaging. The brand is famous for its robots, with all applications possible for industry but also for homes, where they offer from the most futuristic home automation solutions to a simple switch. This Swiss-Swedish company, based in Zurich, with 36 billion euros turn-over and over 135,000 direct employees, is present in over 100 countries.

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Automated Packaging Systems (Autobag) Case Study

“Thanks to their holistic approach and the strength of ERA’s procurement experience, they were able to leverage savings where we couldn’t. When you think you’re doing a good job of something, you don’t scrutinise it – now we know different!" Peter Wylie, Managing Director, Automated Packaging Systems. When responsibility for purchasing is split over multiple sites, it can be easy for communication to become disjointed and efficiencies to slide. When autonomous sites are located in different parts of the world, the problem is compounded and business owners often don’t even realise it’s happening. That was exactly the case for Automated Packaging Systems (Autobag) with their multinational, multi-lingual operations and logistics. Thanks to ERA Group, a full review of packaging and logistics led to substantial savings, increased efficiencies across the globe and a more robust supply chain.

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"Manufacturers must stay informed of the emerging markets and latest trends to ensure they can meet the needs of existing and potential customers."

Our process is simple. Our sector specialists, all with extensive knowledge of their expert areas, use the skills acquired over impressive professional lifetimes to help you negotiate a better deal in overhead spend. Find out more about who we are and how we work to discover the value we can provide for your business.

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